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mechatronic wafer loader (mWL)

The rapid digital transformation is increasing the complexity of handling requirements and substrates. At the same time, it is increasing the demand for a cost-effective automated handling system with maximum versatility and flexibility.

Fully automated EFEM for integration with process and metrology equipment

More than 25 years, mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh has been a trusted partner to various process and metrology equipment makers, enabling them to address non-standard handling requirements for emerging technologies and non-standard substrates. Wafer loaders from mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh offer the highest level of performance and capabilities, while reducing wafer transfer time significantly. Our systems are designed to be versatile and modular, are capable of handling multiple wafer types and sizes in one platform and can address complex handling requirements at the highest levels of safety and reliability. We welcome challenges and committed to deliver solutions as per our customer requirement. mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh has already developed all capabilities and expertise to meet complex wafer handling requirements. We work closely with OEM customers to deliver the solution and technologies needed to enable their success. 

mechatronic wafer loader (mWL) key features

mechatronic wafer loader (mWL) key benefit

mechatronic wafer loader (mWL) configuration options

mWL for thin wafer

Thin wafer handling requires very high level of control and special components that can deal with the fragile substrates. Multiple options are available to ensure a safe and reliable handling of substrates as thin as 50µm in thickness and warpage >10mm. 
Our proprietary wafer scanner carries out a 3D Scan of the cassette containing the highly warped wafers, and adjusts the handling positions to the open spaces between wafers, or stops the handling sequence to avoid wafer damage.

wafer scanner (optional)
bernoulli vacuum end effector
needle end effector  
end effector change station
​mechatronic wafer loader (mWL) bernoulli vacuum pre-aligner 
mechatronic load ports

mWL for deposition systems

Today's deposition systems increasingly utilize carriers or process rings. These rings or carriers are used to improve uniformity or defect performance of the deposition step. However, these systems require a different type of handling approach, since they are often used for an extended period of time and are designed for either manual loading, or for loading of wafers that can be contacted.

top grip end effector
needle end effector  
end effector change station (optional)
pre-aligner bernoulli vacuum
mechatronic load ports

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Home / products / mechatronic wafer loader (mWL)

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